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Bega Bombers Members 

Become a Bega Bomber member today! 
Bega Bombers Members 

Your most valuable gift is your time and the Bombers will appreciate however much you can give.

We all have different talents and when you give the gift of yours, you’ll be making the Bombers your club in every sense of the word. There are a hundred jobs to be done, big, and small. Which one is yours? Team manager, goal umpire, timekeeper… they all sound daunting but they’re not. Take on a task and you’ll find someone willing to help you. Commit to helping for just one match each week and your reward will come in the new friends you’ll make and bonds you’ll form with the kids.

Your volunteer coordinator is: Alex Nicol 

Any contribution to the group is tax-deductible and a $50 contribution and will be graciously recognised by the club.


When you access the NSW Govt’s Active Kids Voucher to pay your child’s registration… and everyone should… your children get the privilege of cost-free sport. But it costs the club much more than $100 per player to play the game.


 Fundraising makes up the shortfall.  Donate to the Bombers Family Support Group and ease the burden of the volunteers doing that fundraising.


Every donation made to the group through the portal with the Australian Sports Foundation backed by the Federal Government is tax-deductible.


A fifty-dollar donation will be rewarded with a special club thank you.

Make your donation by clicking 

Club Contacts:

President: Imogen Champagne                    Ph: 0413621928    mail:

Secretary: Darcie Nicol                                        mail:

Auskick Coordinator: Deb Ferguson           Ph:0425328582   mail:

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