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Play Auskick with the Bega Bombers! 

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Auskick Registration:

Apply for Auskick registration here:


This is a great way of developing your child’s hand, eye-foot coordination. They’ll have fun and you’ll enjoy working with their coach and seeing them develop.

Auskick uses a range of skill-based games to introduce youngsters from the age of five years to the game of Australian Football. You’ll be asked to work with their coach to set up small groups of youngsters matched according to their level of development. Expect to be part of each session if you register your child to play. Don’t worry if you know nothing about the game, you’ll learn together.

When you sign-on for Auskick your youngster will be asked for their favourite AFL team. This could be the start of a life-long association because they’ll get a welcome pack with a ball and various other promotional items in that team’s colours, sent directly to your postal address.

We have developed an Auskick tradition at the Bombers and each year a group of youngsters gets to play at half-time in an AFL match on Manuka Oval in Canberra. The kids love it.


The Bomber’s ten-week Auskick program runs through the second school term. Training is held on Friday afternoons at Roy Howard Oval starting at 4.00pm.


Registration costs $100 per child and can be covered by using the NSW Govt’s. Active Kids Voucher.


Auskick coordinator: Deb Ferguson            Ph:0425328582   mail:

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Play Auskick with the Bega Bombers 

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